Frequently Asked Questions

Breast assured, we guarantee 100% satisfaction with each purchase. In the case that you are not satisfied, all undamaged and never worn TaTa Tops can be returned within 14 days of receipt for a full refund less the $3 donation and handling fee. The tags must be attached and original packaging must be included for any refunds. Shipping the product back to us is at your expense. For exchanges, please email with your order number to initiate the process. All undamaged and never worn TaTa Tops can be exchanged within 14 days of receipt, but the tags must be attached and original packaging must be included. Shipping the product back to us is at your expense. Upon receipt of the product, we will send out the replacement within 24 hours.
The TaTa Top fits true to size. It is a very typical string bikini with the usual stretch and adjustable strings. If you would like additional help deciding what size to order, check out some customer photos in our Sizing Gallery or just shoot us an email at
We have received many requests for other styles, and we are currently working on more options to meet those needs. We will continue to expand to more styles and options as we grow our business.
We currently offer three skin tones--light, medium, and dark. We realize that options are endless here, and it would be impossible to offer perfect skin tone matches and custom nipple designs to all of our customers. Keep in mind that your TaTa Top does not need to match you perfectly in order to create the topless illusion you want. If you are in between skin tones, we recommend going with the lighter tone so that it looks like more of a “tan line.” When we created the TaTa Top, it was never meant to be an exact match--even for ourselves! The technology exists where we could have taken a photo of our own nipples and had that printed on the bikini, but we didn't want that. This design is meant to be a cartoon representation of a nipple (all the more ridiculous to censor!). It’s fun and gets the point across!
Have you ever tanned all day, came home to take a shower, took off your bikini top and your tan lines look like you are still wearing a bikini top? Get where I'm going with this? If you get more tan than your TaTa Top, the illusion still works.
As of April 2021, we will be shipping to countries in North America. However, we encourage international shoppers who would like to purchase to do so while you're visiting the U.S., or even while a friend is! We would be happy to ship to your hotel or lodging.
Don't panic! First step is to find your tracking number that was emailed to you after your order shipped. If you can't find that email, check your spam. If you still can't find that email, email us at with your order number and we can help. In order to keep our shipping low for domestic customers and as low as possible for international customers, we ship via USPS. The "10-12" days international and "5-7" days for domestic are estimates by USPS and are not guarantees of delivery times. For international packages in particular, sometimes the package can arrive in one week...sometimes it takes close to two weeks. International tracking numbers will be scanned upon leaving the United States but are not guaranteed to be scanned upon entry to your country. For this reason it may look as if your package is still in the US. The best way to get more information is to call your local Post Office for more information if you haven't yet received your package. Have your tracking number ready to give to them.
If you need your top by a certain date and time and would like to explore other shipping options, please shoot us an email at and we can help you out. If you live in the Chicago area and would like to pick up in person, we do that too! Email us at for more info.
We've heard from some customers overseas that their orders are being taxed when they arrive. Lame. Sometimes they catch the package and charge it and sometimes they don't. As you may have guessed, we have no control over whether or not your country charges a customs duty on your order BUT here are some ways to cut down on the cost of ordering internationally:

1. Order together. Shipping is $12 so get a couple friends and place one complete order so you can all split the shipping cost.

2. Have a friend in the United States? Ask to ship it to their address (which is free) and then have them mail it to you as a gift. This should avoid the customs duty or at least give you a good stance in your argument to have it waived.