This Boobkini Lets You Free The Nipple At Your Favorite Festival


It’s festival season — do you know where your TaTa Top is?!

For those looking to #freethenipple on the festival scene, The TaTa Top is a flesh-tone bikini top that comes in three colors (light, medium and dark) and depicts nipples on the front, giving the illusion of toplessness. $3 from the sale of each goes directly to our charity partners who are working around the clock to fight for women’s health and breast cancer prevention (over $40K donated since 2014!).

From Pride Parades, to Lollapalooza, Riot Fest, Coachella, Bonaroo, drag shows, Carnaval, Country Thunder, Slut Walk, Making Strides Against Cancer walks, Sturgis, the Women’s March, local street fests and so much more, people around the country are making a statement in The TaTa Top. Not only are they calling for gender equality, they’re celebrating the body in a fun and totally unique way that also gives back to those in need.

In The TaTa Top, you’ll cause a double-take while calling out double standards when it comes to censorship, equality and gender norms.

Whether you’re gearing up for a weekend cancer walk, heading to a headbanger’s ball or looking to strut your stuff at a street festival — The TaTa Top is your way of going “topless” this year.

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by Linze Rice