These Matching Bikini Tops Will Take Your Bachelorette Party Up A Level

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Your BFF’s big day is on the horizon, and you’re planning one last girls weekend before she says, “I do.” How can you take the party up a notch?

Easy — The TaTa Top.

The TaTa Top is a bikini top that comes in three shades — light, medium and dark — that give the illusion of toplessness, causing ultimate double-take and tons of laughs — all while promoting gender equality *and* giving back to charity. $3 from each top goes directly to our women’s health and breast cancer organizations (over $40K since 2014!).

And here’s the best part: Buy at least 9 tops, get one for free! Just use code “GROUPORDER” at checkout. (Save on shipping when you buy together, too!)

Life is short, but breast friends are forever. Free the nip and go “topless” with The TaTa Top for a bachelorette party or girl’s trip you’ll never forget!

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by Linze Rice